It’s different

By solle on 30/09/2014 — 1 min read

The thought, planning and decoration took many months. There were so many things to consider, so many great ideas to incorporate. The ruddy mixture of excitement and potential kept them awake while they poured themselves into their work building their emperor’s new clothes. There wasn’t the slightest doubt, nor any occasional pause. Just their march to freedom.

Like everyone before them, they thought their space was different, was unlike all the other surrounding and interlocking spaces. Most thought theirs was the most honest, original and successful. Theirs was the one where they had got everything right, they were the ones to finally understand everything that had gone before. Out of all the others, theirs was the one that was going to change things, and because of that previous rules did not apply.

Over the years they had visited many many other spaces – over any given day they may have passed through as many as two or three dozen. They absorbed ideas, ideals and information. They thought they had seen every possible layout and configuration and had seen the horizon where infinity begins to break. They felt ever more confident that they were right, that they had always been right, and that they were going to be proved right.


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