In any valley

By solle on 08/12/2015 — 1 min read

I have seen them, and noted in so doing a whole world of things very memorable. John Leland

A film to capture place, time and landscape. A sense of what a place is, was and might be. Day-to-day looking and seeing. The corners of seeing flatly. Close to people but not hiding from people. At the edges of our surrounds. Subtle, small, and ground level. Walking the borders where the view might begin. A point of observation mostly hidden as important as the viewed.

An approach that respects the viewer’s intelligence and avoids the obvious. Managing the influence of the predominantly man made and concentrating on slowing down history and the longer impact of time. Highlighting the rhythm of landscape and the rhythm of views of the landscape. A view through a stillness, striving for a real silence of place.

A film to trigger different ways of seeing, seeing the same and different places. Allowing memories of place to detach from the real place (and then attach again). Seeing them differently every time. If we can say the same thing in many different ways, we should be able to see the same thing in many different ways.

To look more flatly takes time. It takes an enrolment in patience for almost nothing. To see with both eyes and ears simultaneously. To be able to listen to a view, a place, the landscape. And to make a film about it. To make a film about place, time and landscape you can always see more flatly. And to watch a film about place time landscape you can always see more flatly.

The camera doesn’t move, the camera doesn’t have to move. We look motionless. We record motionless.

An interest in place for its own sake.


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