1000km of runs

By solle on 24/10/2016 — 2 mins read

Every run has a name, it’s just a matter of finding it on the way. Some runs deserve good names, some not so much. Names help you remember and remembering is good.

Followed by my feet
Closing in on the prize
Hard rain
Tommy and the pantomime horse
Slow hearts
Caught between a lost highway and Mulholland Drive
(In the) old man dog gloom
The rhythm of humourless strangers
Slowdive to Prince Charlie
2001 was a vintage year for maps
Last of the Gathers
Slower damper paths (road leg stretching)
Gather’s permissive paths (by Gorge it’s good)
Gather’s permissive paths (roots turn to branches)
Gather’s permissive paths
Gentle common circles
Anchovy hangover dog walk
Recovering oyster dog bark
One bum among many faces
Dog walk (785)
Family run (chesty)
Morning Run 16/7/16 724
Morning Run 15/7/16 718 (2000)
Ankles, ice creams and white rabbits (the poo bag handicap)
Flat footed 3 to 30
Dog walk
LLF rides again
The morning smells of damp dog shit
Even the dog is disappointed (dog walk)
The great deception
Sludge puppy
Hungover to dry
A very gentle dog (or is it a crocodile)
Saul Junction
Dog walk (picked up wool)
I love Nutshell Bridge
Shit got it wrong – here you go
Slower but stronger (40 for the weekend, 500+ for the year)
Went home
Slow growth
Railway track and canal path loop
Penn, Dingle and Wood
Dog walk
Railway track and canal path loop
Ran homer
Little sunny morning with Nathan
Railway track and canal path loop
Dog walk with PN
And the Ass saw the Angel
New Forest
Morning Run
Dog walk on Selsley
Head cold part 2
Head cold part 1
M5 (keeping up appearances)
More dog and pony show
Dog and pony show
The boy with the Arab Strap
What needs to be done
Dog walk
Slow clap for an afternoon
Nurse with Wound
Sunny day dog training
What am I doing here
Morning Run
Common dog walk (with PN)
Afternoon and porridge leads to slog and unhappiness
10k of bits is better than no bits
Under weather (misfiring)
School run
Dalston Dom
200 hungover slugs
Five Easy Pieces
Run and plod
Gently morning (listening)
Dog walky
Knit one, pearl one
The Wind in the Willows
Morning Run
160 (two weeks ahead)
Bit of a dog (cold cut)
Just a little bit (faffed after 5)
Dalston Dom
I wanna be your dog
And the rain poured down from hell
Dalston Dom
And so it begins…
Common headwind
Went home thinking about sofas
Loops (stopped off to see a sofa)
Faster tracking
Hangedover dogger jogger
Little London via a great bear hug
Empire of the sun (and where the sun doesn’t shine)
Vic n Bob
A better grip
Morning track
Morning track
Ran out of everything
Test: toe, new shoes, route (slow going and head wind)


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